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Still At it: 11 Months Later!

Still Pushing on in my weight loss journey, I’ve hit quite the plateau right before I get to my goal, which is kind of hard for me to work with. I am continuing to push hard every day, If I have to say one thing that might have changed is that I went back to doing things with people, and being somewhat social, this leads to a harder time controlling diet decisions. Some of the things that I try and you can try to is:

  • Plan your dining meal when you are going out to eat, knowing what you are ordering. (Don’t get a menu, because something will end up looking better
  • Skip the appitizer, you don’t need it and you are only ordering it becasue you are hungery.
  • Know that all restarants give you way too much food. So try to only eat half

As for weight loss, I am at 99 Pounds … so close. but now the holidays… Let’s see how this goes.🤷‍♂️

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