Weight Loss Journey

Weight Journey!

2020 wasn’t the best year for a lot of people- and to be honest, it was just was like we push Pause on life. Not a lot of progress was made during this time. AND NOW IT IS TIME FOR PROGRESS

3/8/21 PHOTO

So for the rest of 2021 this I will be Documenting my weight loss Journey- and post some life events along the way!

Right now, I have some heavy momentum starting at the beginning of 2021 – Where unfortunately I got COVD. It was not fun- it was like the worst flu that you can get. I can see how this is hard for people, and can kill people.

COVID Journey

But the one good thing is that it help me Drop 10 lbs, because it makes you not want to eat a thing. So I ran with it. I started NOOM as a guide for my weight loss and I am working hard to keep my activity level up and Calories DOWN!

So as of today I am down 30 Pounds. My First Mini goal is April 16th to hit 360. I am confident that I will hit it.

So lets see where this takes us, Hope you enjoy the ride!

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